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The Canadian government is quite lenient for people who are come into this country via cars. It has been noted that the vehicles which are used for crossing into the borders are not checked for who’s sitting in them. 3, 00,000 cars have crossed into the Canadian border. So, many people have entered the Canada through their vehicles so that they can seek refugee status in this country and apply for PR later on.

This has forced the Liberal government to implement stricter measures for such travelers. But the government wants to overhaul the procedures for these vehicles crossing the borders. Earlier, the auditor general was worried that such immigration can cause some corruption among the officers of CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency). But nothing like that has happened. The government is also supplying its officers who are working in Canada visa offices with a checklist to scrutinize the performance of foreign nationals who are employed for Canada overseas services so that they don’t become corrupt. The employees who are employed at borders are also screened for any corruption regularly.  There is change in procedures by the Canadian government to make sure that terrorists don’t cross into the border. The people who move into Canada via its borders are eligible to get a temporary resident permit.

If you are seriously interested in Canada immigration, Visa House can provide you with the best advice.  Canada immigration has recently become quite popular because the country is progressing at an amazing rate.  There are excellent standards of living provided to residents of this country.

Express Entry is the procedure of selection of candidates on the basis of their age, education, work experience and expertise in the English or French language. The candidates can file their applications through the Federal Skilled Workers program which just requires candidates to score 67 points. The candidates can also apply for Express Entry either with expertise in English (CLB7) or French (NCLC (Niveaux De Compétence Linguistique)7). A student needs to get a score of 4 in Test d’Evaluation de Français(TEF) to prove NCLC 7. The next date for this test is September 8, 2017. The last date for registration for this test date is August 25, 2017. To prove CLB 7, a candidate needs to sit in the IELTS exam and get 6 in every one of the 4 bands of this test. Visa house can help you in putting up the proper paper work for your Express Entry profile. It’s important to get the expert guidance of this company before filing your Expression of Interest.  The test results should not have been conducted more than 2 years back at the time of submission of EOI.

Apart from language proficiency, a candidate also needs to have the proper age. Candidates who are of the age of 45-49 are not eligible to apply for this visa.

Contact Visa House on 01147114100 to get the details pretty easily for this visa. The visa details can also be obtained via email through contact@visahouse.in by sending your resume on it. 

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