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Canada immigration from Mexico seeing changes after Trump’s victory

There have been changes in the Canada immigration structure caused due to Trump’s coming to power.  As per reports, there has been more immigration happening to Canada from Mexico. In fact, more immigrants have tried to enter Canada during the first 2 months of 2017 rather than the previous 3 years.  Due to this increased illegal immigration, detention of Mexicans by Canada Border Services Agency trying to enter Canada has also increased from 410 in 2016 to 444 in 2017 from January to March.

Now, for Mexicans it’s easy to enter Canada through an Electronic Travel Authorization which is required instead of a visa. This ETA can be gained online and the Canadian government provided 72,000 of these documents to Mexicans from during the 3 months of December-March10. However despite the issuance of these ITAs, 444 Mexicans were not allowed to enter Canada because they were considered a hazard to the safety of the Canadian public and their identity seemed to be dubious.

Canada is quite liberal in its immigrations norms “as announced by President Trudeau again and again”.

In fact, provinces like Manitoba have introduced changes in its Provincial Nominee Program to accept more immigrants. One of such changes is the introduction of the Skilled Workers Overseas category which allows workers with overseas experience to immigrate here.  The candidates should have applied under Manitoba provincial nominee program.
  • For the skilled worker overseas category, a point score of 60 is a must
  • The candidate should have eligibility as per the Federal Skilled Worker category of Express Entry division.
  •  The applicant should have a supporter from Manitoba with residence for a minimum period of 1 year. The supporter must also be a PR holder of Canada.

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